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Author Note, March 22, 2019

I’m sitting at the computer, watching the rain hammering on the window and the trees’ branches dancing wildly outside. It’s PD-day and my children are at home, listening to their favourite music as they’re building train tracks and cities in the hall, while the seven fans downstairs half-drenches every sound.

Somehow, it’s all very soothing. After a week full of construction workers demolishing our floors and walls downstairs – even though they gave my children the time of their lives by encouraging them and letting them help out – I enjoy the relative calm, knowing everything will be well in time.

I have given my field researchers some rest for a few weeks, as I'm working on a short story for a competition. It’s right up my alley as the requirements are to include a Greek/Roman mythological deity or creature, and however the story will place itself in the competition, I think I will like it, and I hope everyone else will too when I’m allowed to publish it.

Here’s to calm days. Enjoy them while you can.

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