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Author Note, April 8, 2020

Around 2009-2010, while writing ‘Lost,’ I began to get several Field Researcher stories popping up into my head, and it was around that time that the whole FR-universe really began to take shape. Characters stepped up, craving attention, and I listened. One of the books that wanted to be written is ‘Not For Your Eyes,’ the book that will end the whole series. I knew roughly what would take place, and when I say ‘roughly,’ it’s in the most generous sense of the word. We’re going to follow André from A-team and get an insight into how the Faculty works. He’s also the new handler for Team O (more details about that part in book 5). I wanted it to be a story about how he has to choose between his loyalty for the Faculty and his loyalty to the team he’s handling when Team O gets into a scrape they can’t solve on their own. And that was it. For ten years, I’ve been going around, trying to get ideas for a more detailed story, but nothing has happened. Ten years! Can you understand the frustration? None of the other books I’ve planned has been this difficult. They all have quite detailed storylines. Then, suddenly, this very night, while I lay in bed trying to figure out a good transition to get Larry back into the hotel in ‘The Living Wall,’ the ‘Not For Your Eyes’ story came to me from out of the blue. It was so amazing! This story is going to be one of the more complex of all the books in the series, and the ending is going to become completely different from what I first planned – and I like it! I really, really like it! I lay in bed, writing the notes on my phone for two and a half hours while the story unfolded in my mind, and I’m so tired today. My eyes feel like they’re filled with sand, but it’s so totally worth it. At this point, I can’t wait to start writing it, and I think it will be a good, satisfactory ending to the whole saga.

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