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Author Note, July 17, 2020

Today, I wanted to talk about something that has nothing at all to do with my writing, but with the writing of the wonderful German TV-series Dark. If you haven't followed it, just stop reading right now and go and watch it on Netflix! Yes, it's that good.

For those of you who have followed it, but haven't watched all the episodes yet, I'd suggest you stop reading now because of SPOILERS!!!

After my husband and I watched the last episode of season 3, we were pretty amazed, especially since the screenwriters managed to keep the whole show together in its tangled beauty. My husband wondered how they did it. At the time, the only answer I had was that they must have gone backwards. They must have started at the end and tangled themselves all the way to the beginning.

However, during the night when I struggled to sleep, the answer came to me. Now, I don't actually know if this is how it happened or not, but I can very well believe that this is if not the truth so not far from it.

So, last episode. Marek argues with his father and takes his wife Sonia and newborn daughter Charlotte in the car. We know that they die that night at the bridge. We know now that this is the beginning of the knot. After they die, Tannhaus will eventually be able to create the two worlds (Jonas' and Martha's different worlds) from his own and both will exist side by side and go round and round and round in circles for eternity.

When Jonas and Martha show up at the bridge to try and stop Marek from crossing the bridge, Marek believes that they are two angels who have come to deliver an important message.

The thing is, he is probably right, because Jonas and Martha only exist during this scene!

Since they do manage to convince Marek to turn around, he, Sonia, and Charlotte will live, and nothing of what we as viewers of the show have seen will ever happen. That means that Jonas and Martha will never exist before this moment, and they will never exist after it either. They are indeed angels who saves the family from a certain death.

I can vividly see this conversation in my mind between Friese and bo Odar (the creators of the show).

"Okay, we have this family who drives through the heavy storm. They come to a bridge but are stopped by two angels who warn them to cross."

"That's cool, but why are they there? Why do they want the family to live? What is their motivation?"


And here we have the full story unfolding.

It might not have been this way, but it sounds pretty convincing to me.

Another thing that I thought of that night (of all the random things to think when trying to sleep) was that the break in time probably happened just after Wöller hurt his eye, since he has the wound in all three worlds.


And that's enough of Dark for today. Next time, it's my world again. :-)

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