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Author Note, September 24, 2015

I don't know if I've heard any negative things about CreateSpace, but honestly, I've only had good experiences with them. Like today, for example; I sent in my newly updated version of 'Lost'. I got a message that they received it and were working on the three copies I ordered, and now, four hours later, they are sent, on their way home to me... I mean... how awesome is that? And if they follow the pattern I should have them in my hand tomorrow or on Friday. :-) With this quick turnaround you would think that the quality is bad, but it's not. The paper is awesome with a good thickness, the binding is good, the cover looks nice, the size is great... I have nothing to complain about at all. So now I'm sitting here, in the middle of the night - as usual - wrapped in quiet, drinking my Masala Chai (and if you haven't tasted it, you should. It's like something even the Queen of Sheba would enjoy... ;-) ), and I'm so tired that everything is spinning and I feel drunk, but I'm also very, very happy, because Henry and Jack and Tony are talking to me, and somewhere in the cave system underneath Western Shore University Scarlett is waiting to take part in the story, feeling happy and giddy, and probably a little bit sad about what she is going to go through before the end. I love writing.

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