• A.E. Hellstorm

Author Note, August 3, 2015

I admit, it's been a couple of hard days since 'Lost' came out. I've been struggling with the words in 'Of Darkness Born' and Henry has been standing there in the outskirts of my mind with arms crossed over his chest, glaring at me. Honestly, I have no idea why he's so mad at me, but eventually I told him: "Henry, you have to start talking to me if you want people to like you. I can't write about you properly if you don't communicate." After that it went easier. Now I even have Daisy's background story, which has helped immensely. There might be a possibility that we get to know about some of it in book 4.

Even though the text has started to flow easier, it's still hard, and I think it's mainly my body trying to tell me that I'm a little bit too tired and that I might need some more time to get my thoughts together, rest my brain for a while. (Ha! Who am I kidding?) Ah well, in a week we're on a plane to France and there won't be much time for writing anyway.

On another note, yesterday I saw 'Taxi Driver' for the first time in twenty years and got a lot of great idioms and atmosphere to work with. And Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster were great, of course. It's always a joy watching actors who master their skill. What did surprise me immensely though, was the actor who played Charles Palantine was named Leonard Harris, which is a character mentioned in 'Lost'. Well, you're never as original as you think, eh? ;-)


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