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Author Note, May 18, 2015

What I think is one of the most beneficial things with being an author (except that you can work the hours during which you are actually most creative, which for me is the graveyard shift - quite fitting for a horror novel author, don't you think?) is that when you get stuck on something, a passage, a plot hook, or something like that, you can actually do something totally different and STILL be working. So today, I've managed to weed the whole yard while thinking about how my lead character would approach this particular situation, and in the end I had a nice garden and a break in the situation. :-)

While tending the yard another revelation hit me, and that is that I probably need to study Nora Roberts... Yeah, I know. Didn't think I'd ever say something like that. Not that she's a bad author, but when it comes to actually study authors, she might not be the first that pops into mind. But honestly, I'm quite new to this whole sex-thing... or well... new to writing about this whole sex-thing anyway, (can't really claim anything else with two kids, eh?), and I have a feeling that I need to study how other authors approach it. If you are going to write about the actual sex-scene and not having a fade-out, I think Nora Roberts' way of handling it is closer to how I would like to do it. The more explicit erotica genre is probably not where I want to go. It would probably clash with the rest of the book too - and I don't think I'd be comfortable writing in such detail. So one of these evenings, I'll see if I can find my old books and search for those specific parts.

In other news, there are some exciting times up ahead... Can't really tell what it's all about just yet, but in mid-June really cool things will start to happen. Stay tuned.


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