• A.E. Hellstorm

Author Note, May 9, 2015

Part Two of 'Lost' was finished a couple of days ago. I'm shocked that it slipped my mind to tell you! At least this very important piece of news is in your hands now.

The whole thing is actually developing very smoothly and is becoming more interesting than I had expected when I started to write it. I mean, when I took my class in Creative Writing years ago, we learnt how important it is to have a plan, a direction, a focus, a chapter overview, to know where you're going. I never grasped that part. Still don't.

With 'Lost' for example, I got an image of one of the characters (won't tell you who, since SPOILER! I've heard that it's not really possible to figure out who'll die in the end of 'In the Hands of the Unknown') sitting at the TV watching 'The Princess Bride', and that was that. I started to write and suddenly there are terrorists and bombings and more death - and sex! (I don't write about sex, where did that come from?) - and lots of other things that I won't reveal to avoid spoiling it for you.

I've actually written almost as much as I did in 'Ithotu', and I'm not really sure that I've reached the mid-part yet. So I'm both pleased and thrilled, and honestly, I still don't know how it all will end.

So that thing about having a plan and a chapter overview... Hah! Forget it. My characters are dancing smoothly towards an end none of us know anything about - and that's how I like it.


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