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Author Note, May 7, 2015

I love Goodreads! What I especially love with Goodreads is this amazing group that I've found; 'Support Indie Authors'. I can't believe how fabulous these people are. I've rarely, if ever, found a group who seems so genuinely kind. I'd definitely write this down as a 'things I'm grateful for' if I had such a list. Alas, I don't, but speaking of lists, I've started to make myself a reading list for books and authors I've recently stumbled along. If you're an Indie author and would like me to read something you've written and write a review, please drop me a line at Just to let you know that it might take me a while to get to your book, since life usually comes in the way of reading. Anyway, here's my current reading list:

'First Possession' by Jenycka Wolfe (read and reviewed)

'The Scary Girls' by JD Kaplan (currently reading)

'Blood Descendants' by Beverly Toney

'Dim Sum, Dead Sum' by EM Kaplan

'The Alecto Initiative' by Owen R. O'Neill and Jordan Leah Hunter

'Nascent Decay' by Charles Hash

'Casting Shadows Everywhere' by LT Vargas and Tim McBain

'Poseidia' by JL Imhoff

'Tainted' by Alexandra Moody

'Impulse' by Iffix Y. Santaph

'Cinders' by VM Sawh

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