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If you have read and enjoyed H.P. Lovecraft, or played Call of Cthulhu and liked it, this book series is for you. Through nine books taking place between 1969 and 2014, you get to follow Field Researcher Team C and Team O, and how they fight to stay alive, sane, and somehow defeat the supernatural threats around them, with varying success. In between their Research Projects, they try to live normal lives with families, obligations, and jobs, also with varying success. The books are inspired by the world created by H.P. Lovecraft, but they are not your average horror. You get horror too, but crime, relationship drama, romance, coming-of-age, and urban fantasy are big parts of the books as well.

In the Hands of the Unknown

Carnivorous eels, cultists, monsters, and human sacrifice - what more can you ask for?

When FBI-agent Miriam Goldblum sees the girl who has been eaten alive from the inside, she enters a dark world where nothing is sacred. It is a world where people can alter the reality to suit their own paranormal agenda, and Miriam soon finds herself tangled in a twisted web where nothing seems to be as it should be.



For sale 2014, October 27


Two years after the events in In the Hands of the Unknown FBI-agent Carl Hansen finds himself dealing with the aftermath of a terrorist attack that will change his views on reality and his own life.



For sale 2015, August 1

Of Darkness Born

It's the year of 1973 and young Henry Wittinger is graduating with honors from Western Shore University's Star Student program. He gets assigned to Field Research Team C and can't wait to embark on his first Research Project. When the much longed for 'adventure' finally shows up, he realizes that he might have bitten off a little bit more than he can chew.


Of Darkness Born is a coming-of-age crime novel set in the horror world created by H.P. Lovecraft


Coming in 2019

The Living Wall

Summer of 1969. Four teams; C, G, H, and J, are sent to investigate the small town of Morrell in northern Maine where the former inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared.



In the Shadows

One and a half year after the events in Lost, FBI-agent Allie Harris has gone through the Intermediate Course for Extra Learning at the Western Shore University and has been assigned a Research Assistantship under Dr. Florian Atzmüller, a teacher at WSU. Together with two other WSU teacher and four fellow RAs, their Research Project is to superintend an archaeological dig site and save newly found artifacts that disappeared during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. One night, however, the ordinary dig changes into something Allie could never have expected.


A Crack In the Door

Henry and Sally Wittinger have faced difficulties ever since they returned home after the upsetting events in Lost. He was fired from the Faculty and she has been put on sick leave for her mental instability. Consequently, Henry has become withdrawn and doesn't seem to want to either speak with Sally or touch her. Feeling abandoned and betrayed, Sally fulfills the deal she made with Night Porter.



Crossing the Line

It is the year of 2003. Miriam Goldblum is excited to finally get to work on her first project within Team C. The man she has secretly been in love with ever since she heard about him as a young student, is going to be her team leader. However, things don't turn out as she hopes, as Caesar is cold and detached towards her and doesn't seem to trust her, while the other two members in her team seem to pity and despise her. When frightening events occur in her apartment, that no one else can see or experience, the situation takes a turn for the worse.




In Deep Waters

Allie Harris has taken a long-awaited vacation to visit her grandmother in the Swedish archipelago. When she is invited to a wedding, she has no idea that the seemingly innocent event will have her running for her life.



Not For Your Eyes

André has been working for the Faculty for many years, and during those years, the secret vaults underneath Western Shore University have gone from full to bursting by dangerous artifacts the different Field Research teams have brought back from their projects. It is time to dig out new vaults and catalogize the artifacts.


While being responsible for this, he is still the contact for Team O. When the project they are currently working on suddenly blows up in their face, he has to make a choice to join them, which would lead to him losing his position, or let them meet the dangers on their own, which most likely would lead to their deaths. 







The Field Researchers
- a short story collection

Follow some of the Field Researchers we have heard about in the previous books.


Lisa finds a secret in an old temple ruin in Iraq while fleeing from the group who executed her team.


Anna has second thoughts about becoming a member of the Faculty after the disaster with Teams N and U in 2006.


Cindy experiences something she could never imagine, even in her worst nightmares.


Nigel tries his best to not give in to his neurosis but is scared to death that he is losing the battle with himself.


Follow Oona in 2007, Eleutherius in 1931, Gideon in 1971, Jupiter in 1949, Bernard in 2002, Ursula in 1999, and many more.



The Field Researchers

of the Golden Fleece Society

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