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The Faculty

Who are the Faculty?


To understand who and what the Faculty really are, we need some background information.


Western Shore University is located at the shores of Detroit. At a first glance, it's like any other prestigious seat of higher education - think Harvard, Yale, and Princeton - but there is one special program that sets Western Shore apart from any other university: The Star Student Program. Usually, only one top student is accepted into the Star Student Program each year, but occasionally two students get the honor, and at one memorable time, no less than three students were appointed Star Students. What is important to mention here is that it is not always the student with top grades who gets the honor of getting into the program. The mysterious Faculty seems to follow other criteria. What the Star Students get to learn at the four-year-long education span is shrouded in secrecy, but when they graduate and take a seat in the Golden Fleece Society, their views of reality has changed drastically. During graduation the Star Student gets appointed a team, depending on the student's special area of interest. They can become Field Researchers and go on to law enforcement - usually the FBI - or the military. They can become Researchers and go on to museums, laboratories, universities, etc. The Researchers are usually looked upon as the base on which the Field Researchers stand on.


So, who are the members of the Faculty?


The Faculty members are previous Star Students, and current members of the Golden Fleece Society, who have a long and prestigious background as either Researchers or Field Researchers. They have left their active role as Researchers or Field Researchers, and work closely with the regular students at Western Shore University, to find the qualities that are suitable for a Star Student, and then they work as closely with the Star Students themselves. They are also the people who direct the Researchers and Field Researchers in their work. Every FRT (Field Research Team) gets appointed one particular Faculty member as their liaison to the Faculty.


Current members of the Faculty are:







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