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This page is dedicated to the stories that have nothing to do with the Field Researcher world. It is my hopes that you will enjoy these too.

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Under the Magic Moon


In old Hellas,  

gods, goddesses, and spirits roam as they please. Follow Galinthias and Hecate in their search for their lost shadows.




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               Honorary mention in the

               Mythic March Short Story

               competition of SIA.


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When the Bell

of Death Tolls


In the beginning,  

I just wanted to see if it worked, that’s all. That was my sole motive. If you read this, you might realize that you’ve always wanted to know if you’d be able to get away with it too.

It’s interesting, even fascinating, to think about him, how he was, where he worked, where he lived, who he dated, at the time when I started to plan his death. I didn’t even know who he was back then, that it was him I was going to kill.




Download it for free


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