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Welcome to my news page. From time to time there will be interesting events happening that you will want to check out for, so keep in touch. I will post snippets of interest whenever things happens.

As of October 1st, 2015, both 'In the Hands of the Unknown' and 'Lost' are available as physical copies at Amazon.

You can now visit my Facebook  page and you are more than welcome.

In May, 2016, Reader's Favorite rated Lost 5 stars. That's wonderful!

Here is an article I wrote about my way towards writing horror, which has been published at Richard Schiver's blog.

During the fall of 2017, I will participate in a couple of conventions, and I'd be overjoyed to see you there.

In June, 2017, Reader's Favorite rated In the Hands of the Unknown 5 stars! 

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