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The dead girl in the morgue wasn’t more than ten years old. As a Field Researcher within the FBI, agent Miriam Goldblum has seen many tragic deaths, but this girl - she was special. She had been eaten alive from the inside.

For six years, Miriam has worked with cases like this; cases that step over that precious line of normal and throws her deep into a dark and shadowy world of supernatural crimes.

She has forgotten how to sleep without nightmares, and she never lets out the light, terrified that the darkness will find her even at her own home.

Together with her mentor and fiancé Henry, and her grumpy co-worker Carl, Miriam tries to find the people responsible for the girl’s death, but soon she and her team realize that they might be the next victims themselves.

Will they be able to solve this case without horrible losses for themselves, or is this the dreaded ‘last-case-scenario’ that they willingly are walking into?

In the Hands of the Unknown is the first freestanding book in the series about the Field Researchers, novels loosely based on the horror world created by H.P. Lovecraft.

"While In The Hands Of The Unknown by A.E. Hellstorm does have some horror elements, it never goes over the top or becomes tasteless, as is often the case with horror books and movies that seem to thrive on gore alone, without having a substantial plot to back it all up. The horror is more subtle, and the story justifies the few gory elements. Can you trust your younger girlfriend not to get involved with a younger man? Is it wise to start a relationship with your mentor? And how is it possible that so many children disappeared before anybody took some action?. You can only hope that the next few volumes in the series will be just as gripping!"


In the Hands 

of the Unknown

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