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In the Hands of the Unknown

In the Hands of the Unknown is a horror novel loosely inspired by the world created by H. P. Lovecraft.


FBI-agent Miriam Goldblum attended the prestigious Western Shore University in her youth and got accepted into the secretive Golden Fleece Society after graduation. The Golden Fleece Society deals with the unnatural aspects of reality and as Miriam continues her career in the FBI she and her team gets thrown into cases no one else can handle.


During this sweltering July, the new case starts with the horrifying death of a young girl, and team C2 is soon treading a dance with unknown enemies that will end with nightmares coming true in a desolate village in Alaska.


While struggling with the relationships with on one hand Caesar; the principal investigator of team C2 and her fiance, and Cyrus; her co-worker who always seems to look down at her, she also has to find ways to stay sane in a reality which not always is.


"In the Hands of the Unknown" is the first free-standing book about the Field Researchers. This book series is loosely based on the world created by H.P. Lovecraft.

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This book was a slow creepy for me. I enjoyed the way how I think the author built up the story and the creepiness throughout the book. I think this is a good book for a first book in a series and I would love to see what comes next in this series.




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Lost is the second book in the series about the Field Researchers; horror novels loosely inspired by the world created by H. P. Lovecraft.


With Field Researcher Team C2 fragmented and not existing anymore, Carl has gone back to his regular job as a child victim interviewer. Even though he is part of a new Field Researcher Team, he hasn't been involved in a project since the one in Alaska two years ago. When the news reaches him of a terrorist attack targeting a regular food store in town, he feels devastated as he realizes that people he know has been in the store during the attack.


Fighting with the sorrow over his lost friend, he desperately tries to find a way to continue on with his every-day-life. When he gets assigned to a serial killer case, his life takes a new turn in a way he could never predict.


Lost contains scenes of consent sex, as well as violence, including sexual violence.


a.e. hellstorm

Den Ändlösa Staden is a dreamy, atmospheric short novel written in Swedish. As for now there is no English translation. My apologies.


Of Darkness Born is the third novel in the series about the Field Researchers. It will be released sometime during 2017.

Hellstorm spins a story where the characters, their feelings and thoughts are way more important than the horror story unfolding around them. The scary things might set the stage, but the action is in the characters. It's like Stephen King, but with real people.


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A Godly Matter is a humorous play inspired by the thought of how the Greek gods would live today if no one believed in them anymore. How do you cope with a world that is so different from the one you once lived in, and what do you do to keep boredom at bay?


When the Bell of Death Tolls by Kim Robinson

This is a short novel set in Edmonton, Canada, in which we get to follow an ordinary woman on her way to becoming a murderer.




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