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Since I started out on Goodreads, I've found so many great books and authors, and I want to read them, of course. I mean, as an author you love words, and if you don't read other people's work you will soon be too ensnared in your own words and lose your own perspective.


So, I've started a book list. Anyone who'd like me to read and review their books are more than welcome to drop me a line, either here or to my email address ("> However, I will not - at least not at this point - read any non-fictional books, but anything else is fine, including horror (duh!) and erotica. I like to expand my views.


I'm also putting down books on this list that people have not asked me to read or rate, just because they intrigue me. As a side note I'd like to let you know that if I get a book that I find will not be able to reach a three star review I will simply not review it.


Anyway, enough talk. Here's my book-list. If you want to read the reviews, please go ahead and take a look at the Review page that is linked to this one.





  • First Possession by Jenycka Wolfe                                                                                                          READ AND REVIEWED

  • The Scary Girls by JD Kaplan                                                                                              READ AND REVIEWED

  • The Alecto Initiative by Jordan Leah Hunter and Owen R. O’Neill                                 READ AND REVIEWED

  • Nascent Decay by Charles Hash                                                                                           READ AND REVIEWED

  • Dim Sum, Dead Some by EM Kaplan                                                                                    CURRENTLY READING

  • Casting Shadows Everywhere by LT Vargas and Tim McBain

  • Poseidia by IL Imhoff

  • Tainted by Alexandra Moody

  • Impulse by Iffix Y. Santaph

  • Cinders by VM Sawh

  • The Summer Solstice by KK Allen

  • Thorn in the Flesh by Anne Brooke

  • An Evil Tale by AE Dark

  • Waking Dreams by JD Kaplan

  • Rehab for Superheroes by Ann Livi Andrews


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